• $850,000 Band Shell Goal - Donation Deadline September 30, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the city’s plan for the Riverside Band Stand?

The city of La Crosse Parks Department has received approval and $1.14M in funding from the city council to proceed with River Architect’s plan to repair and restore the existing stone Andersen Band Stand. Work will begin in early September with a projected completion date of May 1, 2019.

What is the plan to add an acoustical Shell?

The primary users of the current Band Stand are fundraising $850,000 to build an acoustical Shell covering the Band Stand.  No public funds will be used. The acoustic design of the shell will reflect sound to audiences and to performers on stage. It will also shelter performers from most weather and provide ambient lighting.

What groups are in part of the Band Shell consortium?

Valley View Rotary, Moon Tunes, La Crosse Concert Band, The La Crosse Jazz Orchestra, Rotary Lights, Riverfest, and Explore La Crosse are working in concert to raise funds, develop plans, and win city approval for the project.


What does the Shell look like?

As the Band Stand is a stone structure we decided on a tree supported acoustical roof. The design plays on the logging history of La Crosse, the roof mirrors Pettibone Beach House, and the artistic lines replicate the blue bridges.

How big is the Shell?

The Shell will be around 42’ deep, 84’ wide and 32’ tall, and cover most of the Band Stand.

What impact does the historical status of the Band Stand have on the Shell?

Due to the Band Stands historic building status, the Shell can not be affixed to the Stand. We will have separate pilings poured that will support the Shell next to, but not part of the historic Band Stand.  The shell will act to protect the historic band stand from most weathering.

What issues impact the Shell being added?

We will be working with the City of La Crosse and the State of Wisconsin regarding the flood way or flood plane designation. We will need approval and permits to construct the Shell.

What will the Band Stand look like?

The original structure will be repaired and restored with replica lights being added to the four spires. The front addition done around 1986 will be removed and replaced with a structure that looks like the stone spires. There will be a ramp added for access for the disabled. There will be  and a new circular brick paver walkway along with new park benches replacing the old concrete and wood benches. .

How is the Band Stand repair restoration being funded?

The City Council approved the funds that have been appropriated over the years to be allocated to the repair restoration. That amount is allocated is $1.14 million dollars

Will the taxpayers be responsible for the Band Shell addition?

No, the consortium plans to have a community fundraising campaign that would not involve any city taxpayer money. When completed, the Shell would be gifted to the City.

What does an acoustical Band Shell do?

It enhances the musical performances as well as provide shelter from the elements for both the Band Stand and the performers.  An acoustic shell will allow the performers to better hear each other and for audiences to better hear the overall performance.

What is the estimated budget for the Band Shell?

Approximately $850,000. The consortium has over $670,000 already donated to this project. (updated June 27,2019) 

When do you plan to have the Acoustical Band Shell done?

Due to the numerous government agencies we need approval from our goal is to have the Shell completed by May 2020.

How can I donate to the Band Shell project?

Mail Checks: 

Rotary Works
C/O – Band Shell Donation
PO Box 1571, La Crosse, WI 54602-1571

Bandshell Partners